Azize Erim


Born in London UK, Azize Erim, was raised in southern part of Turkey. Azize comes from a family who truly enjoys all forms of art but especially theater. Her father was a successful actor during his school years, her sister loved to write stories and plays and her mother was a great singer and enjoyed ballet and opera. Azize grew-up watching classic movies, ballet performances, and listening to plays her father recited. As a child, Azize also attended ballet and modern dance classes and worked with one of Turkey’s most prominent dance teachers. She was great at swimming, winning many competitions and enjoyed basketball and was the team captain for two years

Azize displayed her love and passion for acting from a very early age. Her first experience with acting started when her sister would write and voice record short plays and make Azize and her brother act. Inspired by that, Azize started to write her own plays and direct them.  Between ages 7 and 13 she wrote, directed and performed her own small sketch shows for her family and friends. Azize continued to direct and act during high school. She was casted as Juliette in original Shakespeare English for the school performance of Romeo and Juliette, which was the biggest production of her high school.

While in college received training and acting lessons from Ahmet Levendoglu, a graduate of Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and one of the most well known actors in Turkey and  joined the theater club where she played Armida in Dario Fo’s renown Pinball-Dummy Boss (Il Pupazzo Giapponese). 

After receiving her BA in sociology Azize decided to explore film-making and began interning for a documentary about regional dances of Turkey. At the same time, she began to manage a rock band named “Mor ve Otesi” which became one of the most famous bands of Turkey shortly after. These experiences opened new doors for Azize. In fact, her first commercial was completely unexpected as the bass guitarist of the band Azize was managing was called for an audition for a credit card commercial where one of the most famous singers in Turkey was playing the lead. Azize went with the guitarist as his manager to the audition and after talking to her the casting director asked Azize if she would like to audition for a very small part in the commercial without any lines. After the audition, they called Azize, not the guitarist, and Azize ended up having a part with lines and face time almost as much as the lead actor.

After this experience Azize decided to pursue acting in film and TV and signed with an agent. She appeared in a number of commercials, and short  films. In 2003 she was invited to co-create and host a cooking talk show aired on music channel on National TV. The  Show was a success and was aired for two seasons and 26 episodes, until Azize met her husband and moved to Washington DC, USA.

Azize also explored other acting opportunities in the DC area and was invited to take part in various small short film productions, mostly satires and  comedies. She was casted in the web series Chocolate City where the producer/writer wrote a part specifically for Azize after meeting her – A  kidnapped Turkish girl, the victim of human trafficking.  

As soon as she moved to LA, Azize undertook acting technique and improv classes at Playhouose West Acting School and Repertory Theater. Shortly  after joining the school she began working as a production assistant at Playhouse West for a play written by Scott Caan, produced by Val Lauren and  Joel Slobo, Directed by Kathleen Randozzo.

In less than a year, Azize produced and acted in numerous short films and a Web Series “Darcy’s Tales”; acted in commercials; one of them being aired in DirecTV; and formed her own improve troupes “Non-Blonds” and “Tiny People Power Lifting.” The short movie “Conscience” where she played the lead role was accepted to the 2015 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner. Currently booked and filming supporting roles in two feature films. 

Azize was a part of Theater Production Class in James Franco's Studio 4, where they wrote, directed and acted in their original written one acts. The One-Acts were performed at James Franco’s Theater in North Hollywood and Rattlestick West Festival.